How Do We Connect?

“For brands and marketers to succeed with Latinos, we must fully understand and embrace their unique mindset and pay close attention to the cultural relationship they have with categories and brands.”  –Enrique Marquez , SVP, Director of Strategy at Lapiz


“Advertisers argue that they can effectively reach the Hispanic demographic by advertising more during programming that is popular with youthful viewers, such as American Idol, National Football League (NFL) games, and The Simpsons. The counter argument is that reaching them is not the same as earning their loyalty and trust; Hispanic consumers don’t want to be “sold to” – but rather, courted by brands that authentically empower their cultural relevancy and communicate in ways that naturally resonate with Hispanic cultural values.” –Glenn Llopis, Forbs


There hasn’t been a clear answer on the best approach on selling brands to the Hispanic Latin@, but there have been some studies done on how to appeal to the Latin@ shopper and what that looks like. The following data and statistics was found on


Hispanics Shop with Their Senses

55% Hispanics vs. 38% Non-Hispanics – like to touch and feel a product
36% Hispanics vs. 13% Non-Hispanics – think it’s fun to immerse themselves in the store atmosphere
49% Hispanics vs. 19% Non-Hispanics – judge product quality by product packaging
Social Shopping (online and offline)

37% Hispanics vs. 17% Non-Hispanics – reach out to friends and family
36% Hispanics vs. 18% Non-Hispanics – share opinions and write reviews
48% Hispanics vs. 31% Non-Hispanics – use social networking sites
Mobile and Tablet Shopping

56% Hispanics vs. 33% Non-Hispanics – shop mobile with a phone
43% Hispanics vs. 25% Non-Hispanics – shop with a tablet
Trendsetting (Hispanics are more than twice as likely vs. non-Hispanics to):

41% Hispanics vs. 18% Non-Hispanics – follow the trends
31% Hispanics vs. 14% Non-Hispanics – like to try new products first
30% Hispanics vs. 13% Non-Hispanics – like to be first to share with friends
Radio, Billboards and Infomercials (Still Rank High Amongst Hispanic Consumers)

Radio: 72% Hispanics vs. 46% Non-Hispanics
Billboards: 59% Hispanics vs. 35% Non-Hispanics
Infomercials: 52% Hispanics vs. 23% Non-Hispanics

How Do We Connect?

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